Pillar Cock

2 Way Bibcock 15 MM

Sink Cock Flange

Sink mixer with Flange

2 Way Angle Cock 15mm ( With Flange )

Angle Cock 15 MM ( R. H. ) With Flange

Pillar Cock Fancy 15 MM With Foam Flow

Bib Cock Fancy 15 Mm Foam Flow With Flange

Bib Cock Fancy 15mm With Flange

Bib Cock Long Body 15 Mm (R.H.) W / F

Grating Doom Waste Hole 125 MM

Bib Cock Long Body 15 MM Foam Flow ( R.H. ) W / F

Push Cock (20mm F/t) With Spout

Reducer For Push Cock 15X20MM

Push Cock With Reducer 15x20mm

Push Cock 15mm (Female Thread)

Waste Coupling 31/32 Mm [f/t]

Waste Coupling 38 / 40 Mm [f/t]

Grating Doom 125 MM

Concealed Stop Cock 15 Mm

Grating Square 150 Mm

Over Head Shower 3″ Without Arm

Square Grating (Slit) 150 Mm (6″)

Cockroach Trap Special – ( 6 X 6″ )

Swiveling Shower 15MM

Over Head Shower Round 3″

Over Head Shower Round 6″

Grating Square 200 Mm ( 8″ )

2 In 1 Faucet ( 1 Mtr Tube) With Hook

2 In 1 Faucet Special ( 1 Mtr Tube) With Hook

2 In 1 Faucet Special ( 1.5 Mtr Tube) With Hook

2 In 1 Faucet Special ( 1.5 Mtr Tube) With Hook

Roman 2 in 1 Faucet ( 1 Mtr Tube & Hook )

Roman 2in1 Faucet ( 1.5 Mtr Tube & Hook )

italian 2 in 1 faucet (Body)

Over Head Shower Round 3″ (High Flow)



Ultra Cascade


Elantra Dual Flush Flush Cistern(3/6 Tr.)

Duo Flush Cistern (10 LTR.)

Gracia Flush Cistern(10 Ltr.)

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Areas Of Application

There are many areas inside a home or an office building where CP Bathroom fittings are required. Some of them are:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Toilets
  • Wall-mounted shower heads
  • Hand-held shower heads
  • Sink faucets

These are only a few of the applications that are listed. There can be many more depending on the size, style and the kind of property – home or a commercial complex. Whatever may be the case, you now know that CP Bathroom fittings are your best bet for durability, corrosion resistance, and long life. These CP Bathroom fittings are definitely here to stay!

  • Luxury bathtub fittings

When Was The Last Time You Looked At The Tap At Your Home?

Did you just do a double-take and glance immediately at one of the taps at your home if you happened to be close by? If this simple question made you do that, then half our job is done. Since you’ve looked at it, find out a little bit more about them.

To start off, taps are available in different shapes and materials with the most preferred one being CP Bathroom fittings. CP or chrome-plated bathroom fittings are a rage nowadays. And Wahid marketing is one of the leading distributors and dealers who cater to this growing demand by providing a wide range of CP bathroom fittings in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and materials to suit every budget. But what’s so special about CP bathroom fittings? Or, for that matter, about taps and faucets?

Let’s face it, the only time we might give importance to these humble ‘beings’ is probably at the time of purchasing a house or building one. But the fact is, although we might stop looking or noticing them, these taps and faucets can give away a lot more about our choices and personality than we can imagine.

Because, believe it or not, people have a habit of judging their host based on what’s fitted into their bathrooms. And not only by its design or style but how well-kept it is. How? Well, let us fish out the magnifying glasses from the pocket and bring alive the Sherlock in us.

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve visited someone’s house, turned the tap on only to find it rusty and squeaky? Or you found a weird-coloured (faded) plastic tap in someone’s kitchen? Or a high-profile client visiting an office when there is a leaking tap in the washroom?

We’re sure you got what we meant. Now imagine this happening to you and the kind of image it projects. You might not give it a thought, but those special and important people who visit you surely will.

What Are CP Bathroom Fittings?

As mentioned, CP bathroom fittings mean chrome-plated. Due to the constant ravage of water and moisture, most metallic bath fittings rust or oxidize easily. To reduce this damage, nowadays taps and faucets are plated with chrome.

It is a process wherein a thin layer of chrome (or chromium) is electroplated on the surface of the tap or faucet. The benefit of this process is that it hardens the surface of the metal. It makes it resistant to corrosion. CP Bathroom fittings are also very easy to clean. They have a very shiny surface which gives a decorative feel to your bathroom.

CP Bathroom fittings are durable and can last a long time. Another aspect of their durability is that CP Bathroom fittings can withstand high temperatures and do not get oxidized easily.

Why Use CP Bathroom Fittings?

Now, coming to why taps, showers, and faucets are so important. We use them on a daily basis inside our kitchen, bathroom, for showering, toilets, and even for gardening. We come in contact with these objects throughout the day. Picture this – you are cooking in the kitchen and fervently chopping and washing veggies, washing rice and pulses, etc. – all of which are part of your cooking.

But while doing so, you are constantly turning the tap on and off. Now, imagine if the tap was corroded or oxidized. Ewww!! It gets worse in case of plastic taps which grow fungus inside them. These kinds of dysfunctional taps can compromise on the quality of the food. It can even lead to a serious case of food poisoning too.

A similar health hazard can arise if you use corroded or oxidized bathroom taps or showers since the water flowing out from them comes directly into contact with your skin. It can cause various skin allergies too. Therefore, it makes better sense to use CP bathroom fittings.

Having said that, getting your CP Bathroom fittings from the right agent is equally important. Like Wahid marketing, who is one of the leading distributors and dealers of CP Bathroom Fittings.

They not only offer you a wide range of stylish and durable CP Bathroom fittings but will also provide you with expert advice in accordance with the style and needs of your home or office building.

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